If a Man Loves You He'll Constantly Do these...

You'd be shocked to know how many women settle for uncaring men just so we won't be alone. I'm trying to do more to focus on my own life and go with the flow.

Women LOVE alphas. Women HATE betas.

The more "caring" a man is the more the woman will disrespect and in the end DESPISE him for not being an alpha.

If a Man Loves You He'll Constantly Do these

Women LOVE the bad boys and will walk past 100 loving and caring men for one bad boy...and then they will say "where are all the good men".

A few years after I divorced I deliberately moved up to alpha. I openly criticise women and give them a hard time. For this they THROW themselves at me. When I occasionally forget to be alpha and fall back into my old beta ways the women generally treat me badly.

This happened just a little while ago....I forgot myself for a bit and slipped back into beta mode with this women I had just met. Within the hour she was being obnoxious and demanding I pay for expensive alcohol with dinner....so I told her I was not interested, paid the bill and left. Having slipped back into beta mode I had spoiled the chance with her. Once a man exposes his beta past there is no getting back into the alpha mode.

The LAST person any man should listen to about relationships is a woman. Women just lie their heads off about "relationships".