What is Love without Time

If he has the time to update his Facebook, then he has time for you. Whether he makes that time or not shows you how much you mean to him. Never settle for less no matter how much you love the man!! If you give your 100% and your effort then he should appreciate it and give it back voluntarily without pressure and without a gun to his head.

What is Love without Time? Give and share quality time with the person that you love no matter how busy your life is... Whatever you both enjoy doing or wherever that may be as long as you're happy being together. There is a time for everything, just find the time to be with the person who is important to you unless he/she is not worth your time. Remember we can't buy Time, Love, Respect, Happiness and Honesty.

To be the most important thing in someone's life you must treat someone as the most important thing in your life. When one person falls short of this importance a relationship begins to fall apart.