Give up if they Don't care. Its not Your Fault

I don't want to give up until I know the truth. Sometimes it is better to be patient and understanding that everyone has a different pace. Some hearts open up slowly after they have been harmed or damaged.

If you care about someone and the other person does not care about you, don't give up until you find a clear and truthful answer.

Give up if they Don't care. Its not Your Fault

Often we ignore the tell tale signs of a liar. Because we like the attention and things a liar may tell us. The worst type of liar to spot is one that truly believes in their own lies.

Even these people are noticeable if you learn to be cautious and have a method of testing a love interest’s ability to be truthful.

For some people this is through family, trusting their opinion; but even then I have discovered personally family can be wrong also.

So learn to have a vetting process through a trustworthy friend or family member. Also it helps to know your love interests family very well, people are more often then not very similar to the rest of the family; if the family is full of liars or thieves, the chances are more likely the person of your interest are also.

Just remember that there are sometimes exceptional people in any circumstance. As always, if you want to find the truth you have to seek it out, become a truth seeker if you want to know the truth over someone's lies.

Walking away was the hardest thing I ever had to do ... Still adjusting to the fact that it really wasn't my fault