We Work Hard for Everything That's Worth Keeping

In life we need to make the greatest thing that's ever happened to us last....
Nothing comes easy.
We fight for everything.
We work hard for everything that's worth keeping.

When we take someone for granted we never appreciate it. Because people are being treated as things and things are being treated as people.

We Work Hard for Everything That's Worth Keeping

Some people are fighting since forever, but there are some who are not worth fighting for. Did you ask yourself if you are fighting the right battle?

Learn to Appreciate Each Other even in Simple Things

You have to be on the same page with that definition.

Learn to Appreciate Each Other even in Simple Things

I do believe that the two people in a relationship know each other better than anybody else. However, there are many issues that affects couples in a love relationship. With the urgency of Internet Dating or Matchmaking organs , it is highly possible for couples to be estranged by undisclosed past.

Moreover, ignorance is a virus that can cripple lovers' position unaware and thus demands help. You might know the weakness of yo partner but without the knowledge of how to deal with that. Many times we discover our own individual identities when we draw a cross-line with other attributed scenarios. This helps to evaluate and enrich our current standing. 

Whilst we remain unique in our own doing , the experience of others brings about light to our challenges. There the inclusion and fusion of borrowed ideas might prove a blessing in the long run in our quest for satisfaction. Where and how couples source each other for a hand in marriage determines the possible subsequent path for our love journey.

If a Man Loves You He'll Constantly Do these...

You'd be shocked to know how many women settle for uncaring men just so we won't be alone. I'm trying to do more to focus on my own life and go with the flow.

Women LOVE alphas. Women HATE betas.

The more "caring" a man is the more the woman will disrespect and in the end DESPISE him for not being an alpha.

If a Man Loves You He'll Constantly Do these

Women LOVE the bad boys and will walk past 100 loving and caring men for one bad boy...and then they will say "where are all the good men".

A few years after I divorced I deliberately moved up to alpha. I openly criticise women and give them a hard time. For this they THROW themselves at me. When I occasionally forget to be alpha and fall back into my old beta ways the women generally treat me badly.

This happened just a little while ago....I forgot myself for a bit and slipped back into beta mode with this women I had just met. Within the hour she was being obnoxious and demanding I pay for expensive alcohol with dinner....so I told her I was not interested, paid the bill and left. Having slipped back into beta mode I had spoiled the chance with her. Once a man exposes his beta past there is no getting back into the alpha mode.

The LAST person any man should listen to about relationships is a woman. Women just lie their heads off about "relationships".

When You're In Love All Imperfections will Disappear

If you TRULY fall in love with a person... they'll pretty much ALWAYS be one of the most, if not THE most physically attractive people in the world to you... and even if you see someone that may be more PHYSICALLY appealing... at the core of yourself, you still know who wins YOUR beauty contest.

Very true and sadly some people do not "allow" themselves to see the essence of a person, rather, remain focused on the physical. Unconditional love is a beautiful thing.

Some say true beauty and attraction is from within...
Some say true beauty and attraction is like art, something you view as an exterior portrayal, and like art, subject to the viewers preferences (beauty's in the eye of the beholder)...

I say TRUE beauty is both of those things... and like art... like inner beauty... Both can change.
It's up to the viewer AND the subject of beauty in question (each other) weather that beauty lasts... Weather it GROWS... or sometimes demenishes...
Also, like art... like inner beauty...

What has been diminished, can sometimes, by skilled and devoted "artists" or "viewers" (each other)
Be restored...
And... depending on who you ask, or who's opinion you receive...
Sometimes the restored work, outshines the original.
(And then some also say... depending on who you ask, or who's opinion you receive... that the original has more historical and original value, and that once changed, even if restored, can never be as beautiful, or valuable as the original...

I think it's pretty much up to the beliefs/feelings of the individuals involved...
Especially when speaking in terms of TRUE beauty (as seen by/from ea. Other), and not simply historical value, or inherent value placed by value society places on the original artist.

You Can Walk Away if You KNow You Deserve Better

Contrary to popular belief...You can walk away if they treat you bad, you walk away if they disrespect you. You walk away if they can't keep a promise. You commit to someone as long as they commit to you on the same level. You are allowed to walk away if you know you deserve better than what they are giving.

Love is blind and that's when sometimes you have to use your brain and realize they aren't going to change and that's when you have to be strong and do what's right for you.

Love is blind and that's when sometimes you have to use your brain and realize they aren't going to change and that's when you have to be strong and do what's right for you.

Walking away is always an option. You don't have to feel unhappy for the rest of your life. A relationship takes two so if one part stop giving...start lying and cheating or even stop treating you the way you deserve (be realistic here), there is no point of staying and fight for something that is no longer there. If you keep giving and you don't get anything back, love yourself and walk out.

We Can't be Afraid of Change - Letting Go

Perception is all in the mind, so long as you know you have everything you want in that pond there is no need to tread deeper waters. Appreciate what you have.

We Can't be Afraid of Change - Letting Go

This is the very idea that has the dating scene so screwed up right now. If you are happy with the one you're with, why look for something better or even consider that something's better out there? Seriously. This is the very reason why men play with women these days. They date and allow things to progress under the ruse of being interested when all the while, they're still looking for 'something better'. What's so wrong about being happy with the one you're with now? It's like bees jumping from flower to flower. If we keep moving in this direction, marriage will become obsolete.

It relates to people who are in a relationship out of comfort but aren't really happy. So they cheat and cheat or think about it. The fear of looking for someone they actually have chemistry with scares them. We don't have to be tied down to one person. If you were so happy with them your mind wouldn't be wondering. You cant force it to fit one it just doesn't.

There is no such thing as the "perfect mate" so I'm not buying this malarkey to keep looking for something better. And you'll be looking for a long time if you do! I think if you can find someone that shows potential (shares your interests, values and goals) then you need to stick with that person and invest the time in growing the relationship into one that's healthy and fulfilling. Sadly, people have no patience or loyalty anymore.